Punkins Essentials LLC

Punkins Essentials provides all natural quality products of bath/beauty products in your everyday use as well as assorted scented candles.

Why Choose Punkins Essentials?

We focus on the needs of the customers all while using all natural products in our ingredients. We absolutely love what we do and have had the pleasure of connecting with customers who trust us enough to really personalize their orders. We've been trusted to have created a breast milk body butter using the mothers milk to clear up her infants dry skin. We've also created a "sugga" scrub that could be used on a women's private area after the recommendation of her esthetician just to name a few.  We're beyond excited about the growth of Punkins Essentials thus far and look forward to all that the future holds. 

Punkins Essentials products can also be purchased at Salon Obsessions located in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland at 1315 Fenwick Lane; Scent-A-Roma II and Wheaton Salon Plaza Suite 110 both located at 11160 Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton Plaza. 

Due to COVID-19 orders may be delayed. We apologize in advance and will keep you updated with the status of your order.

Thank you in advance for making Punkins Essentials your product of choice!

As a satisfied customer I can say I truly enjoy your products. From my absolute favorite Eucalyptus Mint to the now body butters. Handmade products by someone as trustworthy as you is by far more than just a buying experience. Thanks friend :)

Zayra Trevino
Satisfied Repeat Customer

Best Body Butter Ever!!

*Keeps my skin moisturized.

*Perfect for all skin types.

*It's made with all natural ingredients. 

This would be perfect for people who have dryer skin during the cold weather. I would recommend this product to anybody. 

Baby Powder is my favorite scent

Jazmine Kinsey
Woodbridge, VA

I'm telling you that you have a life time customer in me...You've created something so good and you make it just that much more amazing because of your dedication to your service and the connection you have with your customers.

Naketha Moore
Hampton, Virginia

I absolutely love these products. My favorite is the body butter. So great! Smells so delicious. Not only is the product great the women behind these products is a woman of character and strength. I am reminded with every application of these products that I admire women like her, who dream of something and then work hard to make it happen. 

Wendolyn Pascale
Kannapolis, North

About Us

Jakeina Miles,

Store Owner

I'm a loving wife to my 5th grade crush and mother of two amazing kids! I went from working for a company for almost 7 years feeling over worked and under paid to walking away on faith to put all my energy into my business. I felt like I finally found my passion in life and for once I needed to invest in me! I started with only making "sugga" scrubs to expanding into the needs of my customers as well as all the things I love that helps me to relax after a long day. I not only make the products, but my family and I also use them on a daily. With having eczema I found it hard to find things to help sooth my skin so I've focused my attention creating a little something for those with sensitive skin as well.


Punkins Essentials can also be purchased at Salon Obessions located at 1315 Fenwick Lane in downtown Silver Spring; at Scent-A-Roma II & Salon Plaza (Suite 110) both located in Wheaton Plaza 11160 Veirs Mill Road.

Salon Obsessions

1315 Fenwick Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20895

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